Long Weekend? How about some web-series Binge-Watching?

Hello Beautiful Friends.! โค Hope you are all doing great. Its been a really long time since we blogged. And we are really sorry for not posting. But, we are back.! *Does Chandler dance* Well, first things first, a very Happy Republic day to you all.! So we have a list of 4 web-series and 1 short film that you can binge-watch and enjoy some alone time with yourself.! So, without further ado, lets get started.! ๐Ÿ˜€

Lets Paint The World Pink..!!!

No spoilers regarding the plot or the storyline of the movie mentioned. Well, its a known issue in India and all of us are well aware about it. Victim Shaming and having remarks/opinion on a girl's character or nature based on the nature of their job or clothes is nothing new in India and hence not a spoiler. Still if you feel that you should watch the movie first, then go ahead and then read our blog. We are sure you will relate.! ๐Ÿ™‚

#UdtaPunjab-The Most Controversial Movie of the Year.!!

Disclaimer: The following article is entirely our view and our perception regarding the controversy. We donโ€™t intend to hurt anybodyโ€™s sentiments and if we do its purely coincidental. โ€˜UDTA PUNJABโ€™. With the stellar cast of Shahid Kapoor playing a Punjabi rockstar high on drugs, Alia Bhatt as a migrant from Bihar, Kareena Kapoor as a … Continue reading #UdtaPunjab-The Most Controversial Movie of the Year.!!