Long Weekend? How about some web-series Binge-Watching?

Hello Beautiful Friends.! ❀ Hope you are all doing great. Its been a really long time since we blogged. And we are really sorry for not posting. But, we are back.! *Does Chandler dance* Well, first things first, a very Happy Republic day to you all.! So we have a list of 4 web-series and 1 short film that you can binge-watch and enjoy some alone time with yourself.! So, without further ado, lets get started.! πŸ˜€

SugarBox: Shimmer Baby Edition-Unboxing & Review

So, this post, as the name suggests is going to be an unboxing and review of SugarBox's Shimmer Baby Edition. For those who do not know what Sugarbox is, Its a monthly subscription box which includes goods of lifestyle, fashion, beauty, gourmet, accessory and all of that. Every month there are different editons and at the end of every month, they send out the boxes to all the subscribers.! Well, for the details you can visit their site- SugarBox

14 Things which proves NoOne Can Replace BeBo!! <3

Hello Guys.! How are you doing?.! * Let us know in the comments below.! * So friends, let me ask you a question..what exactly comes to your mind when I say Drama queen, Sexy, OTT, Droolworthy, Awe-inspiring confidence, Glamorous..(yes, you are close!!) You want some more hints?! Duh!!! Fine..she is that Bollywood actress who has … Continue reading 14 Things which proves NoOne Can Replace BeBo!! β€

Lets Paint The World Pink..!!!

No spoilers regarding the plot or the storyline of the movie mentioned. Well, its a known issue in India and all of us are well aware about it. Victim Shaming and having remarks/opinion on a girl's character or nature based on the nature of their job or clothes is nothing new in India and hence not a spoiler. Still if you feel that you should watch the movie first, then go ahead and then read our blog. We are sure you will relate.! πŸ™‚