About New Year and Realistic Resolutions! #2018

Hello Beautiful Friends!

How are you? * Let me know in the comments section below* Wishing you a very very happy New Year! Here’s to wishing you all the love, luck and happiness! #CheersToNewBeginnings

So, now that we are in a new year, what the first thing that comes to our mind after cakes, late night parties and Christmas presents? Yes! You guessed it right!


Not a fan of resolutions, as I hardly do justice to them as the year progresses or may be after the second day of the year. Oh yes, I am #hopeless like that. But, that’s not something I am proud of. One thing I realized is that, the reason I am never able to keep up with the resolutions is because I set up unrealistic goals for myself.

Resolutions are personal. But we are a family and we help each other grow. So, I decided to share my resolutions here on the Blog! So, without further delay let’s get started!!

  1. Be Organized: I am a lazy person. Yes! I admit it. But that’s going to change this year. I make goals but since I am a chaos most of the time, it makes it difficult to channel all my energies towards achieving the goal. So, yes being organized is a must. I want to take out time for reading. I have almost left that habit after school. I want to manage my time for my 9-5 work and blogging and make time for my family commitments as well. I want this year to be productive and not just “Netflix and Chill!!”5abc53306195df2f77e37bd2f2442490
  2. Stay Fit: It happens to almost everyone. We plan to hit the gym at the start of the year, and never see the face of the gym after 1 week. Therefore, I am aware that I cannot make time for gymming every day. Instead, I want to do some sort of physical exercise in the morning and after I return from work daily to ensure that I stay fit. I must mention here, losing weight should not be a priority. Being healthy should be! Avoid junk. There can be cheat days, of course! But not every day! So here’s to being fitter than the previous year! Cheers!2_1
  3. Save More: Yes! I shop a lot, eat outside and spend without thinking. And I end up with stuffs that I never wear, gain weight and end up with no savings. I am going to turn 25 this year, like real soooon. And it kind of scares me when I think about my future and my lifestyle. I have decided to buy items that I really need and avoid eating out all the time. I have set myself a target and I want to save up that amount by the end of the year. And If I am able to achieve it, I am going to travel to a new place and explore! Which brings me to the next point which isimages
  4. Travel to One new Place: I want to make it a point to travel to a new place every year and explore its culture, the food, meet new people and learn something new.
    images (1)
  5. Take Baby steps towards your Goal: Find your goals for the year. It may be as many as you want it to be. Jot them down. Now, make small goals, say for every month and try achieving them. This way the goal looks achievable and easy. Oh! And the most imp step, once achieved, reward yourself something. So, set a target and an award. I am pretty sure that will keep you motivated for achieving your goals.


So, these are my major resolutions/goals, I have set for myself and I really hope that I succeed. So, when the year ends, we will surely revisit this place and see how many I have completed in the year! ❤

So, that’s all for today. What about you? Do you believe in resolutions? What are your resolutions for the year? Drop them in the comments below and we can interact. I would love to know more about you and may be incorporate them in my list 😉

Love Love!

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5 thoughts on “About New Year and Realistic Resolutions! #2018

  1. Embla says:

    Thank you for commenting on my post! Your resolutions are great, I think traveling is a great goal. I always love traveling and opening my mind to different cultures. Good luck on achieving your goals!

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