PopXo Beauty Box🎁- Pretty Little Things!πŸ’„πŸ’…

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From the Title of the blog itself you must have known what this post goingΒ to be about. So, without further delay, lets just get into the post and hope you enjoy it! And yes, If you like what you see/read, do not forget to click the follow button πŸ˜‰

In Sept, PopXo collaborated with Envy Box (MakeUp Subscription Box) and brought us PopXo Beauty Box for 999 INR. I was so excited that I ordered them instantly. Haha πŸ˜€ So, I got this box in the third week of Sept but it was delivered to my home and I am staying in a different apartment that is closer to my workplace. So, when I recently visited home, I unboxed this parcel and Oh Boy! I was so thrilled!

First I had thought of not posting it as its already October but given that the products were so nice, I decided to show you guys what I had received! So here we go!

Before digging into the products, lets just take a moment and admire this limited edition pretty pink box in which all the products arrived!


When I opened it, I got these 2 gift vouchers of 500 INR each from Nimai and LabelKiss. Unfortunately, I can’t use the Nimai voucher as it was supposed to be used by 30th Sep 2017 *sobs in a corner* But I am definitely going to buy something from Labelkiss. πŸ˜›


There was also a card stating the list of items that are present in the box:


There were 10 best hacks and its just so cute! I might put it in my insta story, so don’t forget to follow me onΒ Instagram


So, the first Item, which is a full sized item, is a night cream by IRAA, which claims to restore moisture and improves the elasticity of skin. I am such a lazy person when it comes to make up and thank God for this night cream, or else I am not sure, if I would have ever bought any, ever! I have not tried it yet. But will be using it soon and may be review it on my blog once I have used it for a month or so.


The second item, were 2 gorgeous gel-finish nail-paints from My Glamm. One is in green and another in white shade. I love the packaging and since I am not a avid lover of nail paints, I might gift it to one of my friends may be or I might just keep it. I am not sure.

The third item, was a soap-free gel cleanser by Avene. I am using this right now and it surely removes excess oils and clears out the skin. I might actually buy this one later.


The fourth item, was a essence eye shadow. It has 2 shades, silver and beige and its really pigmented. Loved it! I am a sucker for anything related to eye makeup and I love it!!


The fifth item, was also from essence. It an eye pencil in the shade brown. Few people got a turquoise one in their box and I really wished I got one too. πŸ˜₯ I have not used it yet. Since I am dusky, I am not sure if I can use it as a liner. I might use it on my waterline for a no-makeup look maybe!


The sixth item, was an AllGood scent tester. It’s a little too strong for my liking. But It will do.


The last item is an activated charcoal, oil control exfoliating facial scrub from Tvakh and its just amazing. I love tvakh products and I might buy it again.


So, that’s all in my PoPXo Beauty Box and I have already subscribed to this month’s Envy Box and the package is already shipped and I might receive it within 4-5 days now. So, I will surely post what I got in that box real soon. I am just so excited to get it as its their anniversary edition as well!


Thats all for today! Hope you liked the post. Do let me know in the comments below!

Lots of Love,





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