Elaborate Basics With Embroidery🌹

In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic.

Girls! We are on social media all day. And by all day- I mean literally all day. If you can not find me, then probably I an in some corner going through my instagram feed or checking our YouTube videos for inspiration, reading blogs on WordPress or may be on pinterest finding ways on how to look taller in your pictures. 😉 Yeah! Thats pretty much my life and as much as I am guilty about it, I absolutely love it and I bet you love it too! ❤️

How many times have we come across these awesome trends and just wanted to have it in our closet? Always! But are we really going to wear it more than 3 times? No matter how many times we convince ourself that I will wear it ‘n’ no. Of times, we don’t! Been there done that! 😑

In all these hustle-bustle, we forget what our own/personal style is! Haven’t we? 😐 

It is always advisable to invest on basics rather than trends, so incorporating these trends to elevate your personal style is important rather than just blindly following others! Cause what works for them, May not work for you. And may be something can do magic for you and not for others. True, right? 😉 For example, you definitely don’t want to end up buying 50 off shoulder or cold shoulder tops, just cause the are so trendy now and we are in absolute love with them, as they may not be in trend the next year! You get the point, right! 

Today, we will be talking about the “embroidery trend”. Its everywhere. On pants, shirts, denims, dresses, shoes and what not! But personally, I don’t feel that I will be wearing it next year. Instead I prefer to invest in an embroidered handbag with which I can rock anytime, anywhere and carry it as many times as I want and not worry about repetition 😉😜

IMG_20170528_013538-01I am a sucker for shirts. So, here I have paired a basic white shirt with black skinny trousers and black pumps. Such a basic look, found in everybody’s wardrobe, isn’t it? But let’s make it fun! 🤔 Add a layered neckpiece. Put some bright lipstick, I have tried the ombre lips trend here as the look is pretty simple. Use a statement embroidered tote bag, mine is from #SugarboxIndia and it’s my absolute Fav! And viola! You are good to go! 🤗✌️







Outfit Details: Shirt-Anabelle(Pantaloons); Trousers- Westside; Necklace and bag- SugarboxIndia

Pic Courtesy- Shubhangi Pandey ❤️ Thanks for clicking good pictures of me and making me look better 😉

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20 thoughts on “Elaborate Basics With Embroidery🌹

  1. Azra says:

    I think that lip combination works together really well, you just need to put a little bit more red, so it blends together nicely. Love your outfit, looks great on you. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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