“I Don’t Give a Meow.!”- ft. OnlyxGarfield!

I am a girl who loves to dress up. But always wearing a dress is not my style. Do you feel that not wearing a dress, is not sexy? Well, Comfort is my style. I love experimenting. Does that make me unusual? I would not mind being unique. 😉  I am casual, laid back and I enjoy that. Does that make me less competitive? I am competitive, in my own sort of way. I do not have to pull someone down to go up. I would rather love to improve myself. I love sunny days. I enjoy a little tan once in a while. But my mom is scared that no one will marry me if I am dark.

All I want to say is whatever you do, every single person out there will have an opinion about you. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.  But it depends on us how we perceive it.We definitely can not please everyone, so just let them be and do not care about other’s opinion.!

When I was a little girl, my father once told me that, whenever someone praises you, do not take it seriously. When someone criticizes you take it as a feedback and improve. Instead of getting angry or upset about it, just thank them for pointing it out. After all they benefited you. I was difficult to understand this at that point of time. But now, i realize that those who always say only good things to you, actually are not always the best people to be with. Yes, listening to good things about yourself always encourages you. But, criticism is never negative. It depends on how we take it.

So, all of you out there, be confident. Do whatever you feel is right. Wear whatever you want. Choose your path on your own. You are the one who will live your life. Make it count. Be responsible for your success and your failure. Own it. Its yours! 

And for all those opinions out there, DON’T GIVE A MEOW! 😉


Outfit Details

Top- OnlyxGarfield (Available on Koovs here)
Jeans- Max Fashion
Watch- Timex
Shoes- Local Store
P.C- Shubhangi Pandey

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Until Next Post,
ShaShi ❤

16 thoughts on ““I Don’t Give a Meow.!”- ft. OnlyxGarfield!

  1. Saswata says:

    I so agree with you bro! 😘
    The world is obsessed with playing the shade card for anything and everything 😏
    But what’s gonna make things easier is being headstrong and not letting the negative vibes inflict you
    Bear hugs to you Farheen! 🐻

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TheFallibleQueen says:

    I’ve learned that too,people that often just compliment you aren’t people that you need in your corner. I love your outfit it’s so casual but cute, that’s my style too :). There will always be people out there that think you are too much but I focus on those who are adding value to my life.

    Liked by 1 person

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