Whats Going on?! ;) :D :*

Hello Beautiful Friends.! ❤
How are you? How is life? How is everything going on? We have been so irregular lately, but thanks for sticking around! ❤

A lot was going on in our lives lately. We were trying to move to the same city and getting a transfer in IT sector, is a TASK.! Well the good news is that Shikshya has already moved to Bhubaneshwar (in Odisha, India) and I am planning to move by end of April hopefully.! That would be a really happy day for both of us. Finally we can stay together and that will be incredible.! ❤

Well, the good news is all the tension of finding a photographer for our blog shoots, going shopping alone, hours and hours over call, texts and video calls to discuss about what to blog and how to shoot, where to shoot and what to wear is finally going to end.

We have a a lot of blogs lined up for you in the next month. So stay tuned.!

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Lots of Love,
ShaShi ❤


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