14 Things which proves NoOne Can Replace BeBo!! <3

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So friends, let me ask you a question..what exactly comes to your mind when I say Drama queen, Sexy, OTT, Droolworthy, Awe-inspiring confidence, Glamorous..(yes, you are close!!) You want some more hints?! Duh!!! Fine..she is that Bollywood actress who has the most powerful surnames to her credit. Of course you guessed it!!! Unabashed, Uninhibited and Classic beauty…that’s Kareena Kapoor Khan for you😀 . She turned 36 yesterday and she is clearly rocking motherhood like no one else. She is still the most sought after actress in Bollywood. Love her, Hate her but you can’t Ignore her. Today we will give you 14 reasons why we love Bebo both on and off screen:
1. Poo..Enuf said!!!
As already said in our previous blog, she was just awesome in this movie. No one could have pulled off ‘PHAT’ to such perfection other than her. The too-cool-for-school attitude, the style, the swag…everything was BANG ON!!!! Well for us, she could give the entire cast of MEAN GIRLS  a run for their money.
2.Style Diva
Move over Sonam Kapoor, as far as fashion goes, our vote goes to Bebo. She looks effortless in all avatars- western, traditional, vintage, fusion, nerdy anything.She carries everything with elan. Her glam-quotient is spot on. We are loving her photo shoots for AND. Have a look!!!

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3. Speaks her mind
She calls a spade a spade. She is the most honest celebrity be it her movie choices, money or relationships. We love her interviews where her answers are simply IDGAF-I-am-simply-the-best. #NoPretenses
4. Acting Chops
She did prove that she is not just another pretty face. Right from her bollywood debut ‘Refugee’ to ‘Udta Punjab’, she is versatile and how. The warrior-princess in ‘Ashoka’ very early in her career, desi Desdemona in ‘Omkara’, depth of her character in ‘Dev’, glamorous poo in K3g, bubbly and vivacious in ‘Jab we Met’, negative shades in ‘Fida’, sex worker in ‘Chameli’, workaholic in ‘Ki & Ka’ or the righteous doc in ‘Udta Punjab’- she always had something different to offer. #majorapplause

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5. Main Apni Favourite Hoon!!!
Who can forget Geet of Jab we Met!!! This movie established her as the No.1 actress of Bollywood. But this single line gave us all life goals. She taught us to love ourselves and its totally okay to keep our happiness before anything else because PRIORITIES babes…
6. Confidence and Attitude AF
Kareena exudes self-confidence. She walks, talks and breathes confidence and never afraid to voice her opinion. Her aura is something a star can only have.
7. Her personal life
Coming from Kapoor khaandaan, she was born with a golden spoon. But she had her share of struggle. The way she handled her very public breakup was impeccable and started a new relationship with Saif who has had quite a controversial life himself, married him at the peak of her career and also embraced his children into her life not as step-mother but as a friend.
8. Her features
Cumon gals, we could kill for those cheekbones. And she is the master of Pout. (now trying the Duck-face…ufff..not like bebo at all..aargghhh!!!)
9. The Cat-fights
No doubt, she is blunt. It was news when she took a dig at Bipasha’s skin tone and called her ‘Kaali billi'(Ummm..not cool). She even had a spat with PeeCee where she made fun of her accent. But she has come a long way now and we appreciate that.
 10. Size zero
She introduced the size zero trend in bollywood which became quite a rage. From fat to fab, the actress gave us fitness goals but she also stressed on the fact to be comfortable in your own skin. She says, “Life is too short and no amount of success, fame or money can make you happy.At the end of day, I’d rather focus on spending time with my family, playing with my dogs and eating good food.”
11. Item Numbers
Call her Chammak Challo, or Mary or the Fevicol girl, she just makes every guy’s heart beat a little faster with her latkas-jhatkas. Well our personal favourite- “Its Rocking!!”
12. Taking risks
She was never afraid to take up low-budget movies which showcased her acting potential like ‘Dev’, ‘Chameli’, ‘Heroine’. And you remember when she dyed her hair blonde in Hulchul…she looked good even then. She even turned down Kaho na pyar hai because she knew Hrithik Roshan would be the star of the movie. #Worththerisk
13. Pregnancy Goals
We love the way she is handling her pregnancy so gracefully (love her maternity clothes..haha!!) and she is not even letting it affect her work schedule. She will start shooting for “Veere di Wedding”(desi version of Sisterhood of travelling pants)*Quite excited* Not to forget the recent rampwalk with her baby bump for fashion designer Sabyasachi in Lakme Fashion Week. You rock,gal!!!
14. Proud to be a GIRL
Kareena Kapoor came to extend her support for the Global Citizen Movement in India and she said that she would love to have a girl of her own. She said that she was quite disturbed with the questions bombarded on her like whether she is having a boy or a girl child. “Wherever I go these days there is just one question asked which I think quite intrusive but, still I am asked both me and Saif whether it is a boy or is it a girl? Have you found out? And I am like excuse me what difference does it make. I am a girl child I would love to have a girl what is the difference. Probably I have done more for my parents than a son would,” said Kareena.
Bebo, we HEART u ❤❤

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