Lets Paint The World Pink..!!!

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Disclaimer: No spoilers regarding the plot or the storyline of the movie mentioned. Well, its a known issue in India and all of us are well aware about it. Victim Shaming and having remarks/opinion on a girl’s character or nature based on the nature of their job or clothes is nothing new in India and hence not a spoiler. Still if you feel that you should watch the movie first, then go ahead and then read our blog. We are sure you will relate.! 🙂

*We wont be giving you the review of the movie but this is kind of our opinion about the movie and the topic discussed in it*

Its quite evident from the title of the post regarding what we will be talking about. Yes!!! Its the movie “PINK”.So, what is the meaning of color pink?? What does it symbolize?..Going with the dictionary, its a color intermediate between red and white. What do you visualize when you hear PINK..!!! Different people will have varied answers to this question.We feel pink is the color of youth, of love, understanding, cuteness, sweetness, innocence, happiness,of romance where people blush in love, the pink cheeks of little children, flowers, friendships. We usually say we are in ‘pink of health’ when in good health. People also think pink is the color associated only with girls..women and generally, guys have to  HATE pink.. or else they aren’t considered MAN ENOUGH!!!! You want an example..”Of course, he has to be a gay..or else..who wears a pink shirt..come on!!” Haven’t you heard of this very often..?! You must have or let me correct you, you might have said this yourself even. This is a very small thing yet it tells a lot about the feudal mindset of the society.


PINK is a movie which shows us how certain stereotypical beliefs are ingrained within us which is nothing but simply DISGRACEFUL and WRONG. Its a youth-centric movie which paints a sordid picture of patriarchy where every act of women has been questioned and every act of men, right or wrong, is expected to have a reason. Yes, society has evolved..it has become a lot more welcoming for women. But still if we wear a midriff-baring crop top with jeans or a beautiful figure-hugging dress with a deep plunging neckline, its a clear invitation for guys to come in-between our legs…isn’t it?!! No, it isn’t. We can dress up for ourselves to feel good, confident and positive. We put on makeup, be it that bold red lipstick or smokey eyes, and someone or the other says “Kisko dikhaane jaa rahi hai!!!”  NO..we do not need to show someone else how beautiful we are but yes, we really need to look in the mirror and say “Yes, I am beautiful!!!”. Vanity is fair and I strongly believe that. When we go out with our friends where most of them are guys, we are basically sleeping with almost all of them and god forbid, if we get drunk *big tabboo* we are not from “Achha Khaandaan and this is considered to be a health hazard for men rightly put by Deepak Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) in “The Rule Book of the Girls’ Safety Manual”. 


The subtle yet strong emotions shown in this movie makes us realize how women bear the brunt of the shackles of the society. The clothes we wear, how much friendly we are with men, the time we come home, whether we drink or not or how much we drink and whether we are sexually active or not and when did we lose our virginity are not the yardstick to measure our character. Yes, Meenal (Taapsee Pannu) lost her virginity when she was 19 and she was sexually active but that does not make her easy and characterless. If she said a NO then it means NO…PERIOD. There are no other twisted or hidden meanings behind it; be it a friend, girlfriend, a sex worker or even your own wife. ‘Consensual Sex’ is something you need to be aware of and there is nothing to be ashamed of your own sexuality. We loved Kriti Kulhari throughout. She was matured and was ready to compromise but the statements *we won’t disclose-No spoilers here 😉 * made  by the males/ society in the film enrages her and the outcome was bang on. Andrea was from Meghalaya, its one of the states in North-Eastern INDIA (note : India)and  that doesn’t make her less of an Indian or subject to any kind of harassment. Meenal, Falak, Andrea and Deepak all played their roles perfectly which made every scene nail-bitting interesting and kept us glued to our seats till the very end.


Its high time we realize that judging a person without knowing them is wrong, coming home late from work doesn’t mean you are aisi waisi ladkiyan, friendly girls are not promiscuous, touching someone inappropriately and molestation is a heinous crime, wearing short dresses doesn’t give them a tag of being available, independent smart women doesn’t always mean they are intimidating, guys who wear pink are not gay, being gay or lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of, wives earning more than husbands doesn’t have to hurt your ego, making boyfriends does not mean they have to carry your shopping bags, getting pregnant does not mean you are any less to perform in your work, Men are not always wrong and consensual sex is a BIG deal. We all have a Meenal, Falak and Andrea within us. We are strong yet fragile, emotionally stable yet vulnerable in the misogynistic dual-faced society. But now, no more compromises.. #AbSamjhautaNahi

Paint Me Pink…!!!!

You can watch Amitabh Bachchan’s Unblushed Video here:

If you have not watched the movie yet, do watch it in the theater nearby and let us know your opinion on the movie in the comments below. And guys, its a humble request, do watch the movie in the theater and not by downloading it on your laptops so that directors and producers will try and make such movies with such amazing concepts more and more in bollywood.! Films like these need our support.! 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Lets Paint The World Pink..!!!

    • thesunshinetiara says:

      Zaroorat hai. To change the stereotype mentality of Men and society, there is a need. And if you think there is no need to discuss about it, then that shows your thought process, exactly what needs to change. (Our Opinion) And about explaining the word pink, BTW, Pink represents symbolizes women, like yellow symbolizes sunshine and happiness. Hence, the interpretation is made.


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