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Well, this is a very important post as this is a guest post! *YaY* 
So, Pallabi Banerjee wanted to share a story from her travel diaries and we could not say no.! We are so so happy that she decided to contribute to the blog and we can not thank her enough for this.! *Love you girl.!* ❤

Pallabi writes…

Hello gorgeous people! Ardent fans of ShaShi (Just to let  you guys know, I am one of their biggest fans reading as soon as they post it :*:*) I am Pallabi. 🙂  Who is she.? And why is she posting on their blog? You might ask…Well peeps, I am Shahnaz and Shikshya’s  friend (we studied and bitched together, Duh! :D) I stay in Delhi and I am a writer at heart , techie by profession and a cook by passion, all in a nutshell.But enough about me.How have you all been (start commenting right away. I will read all of them :*)

It was summer and  it is the perfect time to travel to hill stations for some quick respite from the heat and we Delhi peeps are lucky to have quite a few of them nearby. So yup I have been travelling ( read trekking) and recently I returned from a trip to Kasol,Kullu,Manali,Malan,Tosh and Rohtang Pass.This post is gonna be all about what I wore while I was on my trip, what I ate there and most importantly what you should do while you are there.

 First Stop- Kasol , Malan , Tosh

I put them all together because they all are nearby.To reach Kasol you travel from Delhi to Bhuntar via bus and then again via bus (broken down rickety ones) from Bhuntar to Kasol. If you are an adrenaline junkie, bike is the one for you. So Kasol is literally heaven. One word-Peace! It is so peaceful there you tend to forget everything. Imagine a gushing stream in a valley beside a clearing surrounded by snow-capped mountains and playing Frisbee there with a couple of guys  you just met. Mesmerised?? Well that is  Kasol for you. Everyone is super friendly and welcoming there. The locals, the Israeily and the American guys. And I made quite a few friends on the trip and I look forward to meeting them again. We spent 3 days in this blissful place and did some hardcore trekking from Kasol onwards to Chalal,Malan,Barshani and Tosh. The view from 12k feet,the maggi you get there, being perpetually nervous of falling down into the ravines ,the sweat,the grind,the gushing Parvati river,travelling to Manikaran Sahib gurudwara, drinking  virgin freezing  glacial water from Kheerganga. I will remember it till the last days of my life. ❤

What I Ate:

There were no dearth of German bakeries. There is serving of all sorts of treats like waffles, crepes, tuna sandwiches, apple crumble, cheesecakes, carrot cakes, pies ,cinnamon rolls  and likewise. I have a huge sweet tooth so I tried out all but I absolutely  fell in love with the apple  crumble and once had three at a go.! *Go ahead and judge me * :D.These were the snacks..apart from that we frequented two cafes, The Moondance cafe and The Evergreen Cafe. These two places had the most polite hosts and the most out of the world food I have ever had in my life. In Evergreen, we had a superb cheesy spinach pasta, another super cheesy lasagne and 2 platters. My platter contained fried chicken,cheesy pasta,loads of green salads and cheese.The other one was also some what the same but had mushrooms and chicken liver.I am not a fan of liver so I skipped that. In Moondance we again had cheesy pasta, cheesy lasagne, fried chicken called chicken sneezer and a special mention goes to their nutella crepes and sizzlers.We had almost 10 to 12 crepes at one go they were just soooo gooood. I would give a 9 to evergreen and 10 to Moondance (Moondance has the sound of the stream gushing by…a music to the ears, candle light sitting and oh so delicious the extra point). Also two other things, momos and bhelpuri and Maggie in the rain while you are trekking.This may not be five star food, but the feeling they bring about is awe inspiring. 😀

What I wore:

I was hiking so it was nothing fashionable. Run of the mill shorts and t-shirts and boots. However, I will go ahead and decode my look. Comfort ruled the roost here because I cannot go trekking in a sheath or a bodycon dress and bellies.! *No rocket science here 😉 * I dressed up in the dinners though. 😛

Look 1:


Kasol is basically a place frequented by hippies and backpackers. In Rome be a roman,So keeping that in mind I wore a black printed  graphic tee and denim shorts. I bought the denim shorts from Myntra and the tee was from Pantaloons. My hair was dirty after the trek so I masked it with the quirky angry birds hat bought from the stall you see behind me. I have put on some light makeup (lipstick and kohl) so that I do not look as washed out as I felt after trekking. The pink trekking shoes were from Reebok (bought from a good discount….;)) and the shades were bought from LensKart.

Look 2:


Again here I go for comfort and have worn a sleeveless cotton bow top that I bought from Lajpat Nagar.The shorts are the same and I am holding a  brown woollen overcoat as it was chilly there.I bought it from the local Kasol market at a huuuuge (still continuing.. *whoo*) bargain.

Look 3:


Its simple effortless and made me look pretty.This is what I wore for dinner.Its summer and I am a girly girl so I went out all floral and its a LWD ( li’l white dress..:D). Makeup is kohl,mascara,foundation and lipstick (nothing too cakey). I did not accessorize as it was a laid back place and I did not want to look OTT. Red nail-polish and manicured nails completed the look. I wore red bellies to match (not visible). The dress I bought from Myntra and the bellies from Inc.5

Next Stop- Kullu, Manali ,Rohtang Pass

Kullu Manali was only a small stop over for us on the way to Rohtang Pass as we were not honeymooning couples but a bunch of weirdos. Manali seemed really really crowded after the peace of Kasol as there was no place to walk on the streets also. I did not like it much and thankfully the next day at 4 am we left for Rohtang. The road to Rohtang Pass is basically one of the highest and the most difficult , motorable roads in the world with hairpin cuts deep cliffs and sharp turns. Rohtang is literally paradise at 13,050 feet. The  temperature was negative, chilling, filled with snow and no mobile network. So you are literally cut off from the outside world, a rarity these days- Peaaaceeeee. I did experience breathing problem at that height, being an asthma patient. But rest assured,  the snowfights and the views made up for it.


I am wearing dungarees,boots and gloves…any part uncovered would leave you prone to frost bite. They were available on rent nearby at minimal rates.

So that’s all my friends. All in all an awesome trip in the lap of nature away from the daily grind, away from worries and away from civilization in the lap of untouched nature and with my dearest buddies. I am looking forward to go back really soon.


The pic that you see in the end contains all four of us (Ankit, Jyanth and Hari). Lots of love to you three for making this trip happen and gifting me with memories worth a life time.

So guys, that’s all I have for this blog. Hope you guys see a lot more of me in the coming months. Loadz  of luv  to ShaShi for giving me this opportunity and truckloads of love to you guys for reading this.

BBye…Cya all soon:* :*

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  1. Shaina says:

    Love your angry bird cap.! and its blue and i love blue.! Well I would definitely love to read about ShaShi’s travel as well.! Guys please please please write a travel blog of yours.!
    Love you 😀

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