August Favorites.!!

Hello Guys.!

How are you?! How is sunday treating you?!  Do let us know in the comments below.! 🙂

Last time we started with a new series of blogs of “Monthly Favourites“. So today we will discuss about AUGUST Favorites.!! So, without further delay, lets get started..woohoo!!!!


Shi-  I am a big fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series and no series can replace it , like ever.! The theme song is obviously something that I can listen all day.! *Yep! Crazy me* So i managed to find this beautiful grey tee from Souled Store and i immediately knew I wanted it. Guys, this is an amazing site and you can easily find a lot of tees related to various hollywood series and its just amazing.! You can visit the site: Souled Store. Its priced at 500 INR.

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You can buy this tee here.

Sha- This Veromoda Cat tee is my absolute favourite and its so comfy and it has a cat with a cute bow print on it.! That green bow is such a pop of colour to the grey tee and I love it. I was eyeing this tee since a long time and its original MRP is 999 INR and I felt that it is too expensive for a tee. *Yes I know its VeroModa but still* So, last time when I was in Mumbai and shopping in Lifestyle I found this on sale and it was somewhat around 300 bucks and I obviously can not resist a cat tee.! So i got it.! 😀 #HappyKittyMe 😉

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Shi: That has to be Neutrogena Brightness serum. It has this creamy texture but not at all greasy and easily blends into the skin. Its a night serum and I am using it since a month and my face definitely feels bright and fresh in the morning. It says you see the effect in three months, so I am just waiting.! 😀 It comes for 600 INR.

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Sha: Kajal is something that I can not live without and Maybelline Collosal-Jewelled Jade shade is my recent favorite.! Something that instantly brings the right amount of pop of colour to my eyes and I absolutely love love love it.! ❤



Shi: Ummm.. I did not have any such accessory favorite as such for this month. But I really Love this sandal.! Its so comfy and bright and all things nice. 😀


Sha: This pendent which was gifted by my best friend. Being a Game of Thrones fan, nothing else can be more special. 


Shi: FRIENDS is my all time favorite obviously. 😀 And I love Teri Khair Mangdi from the movie Baar Baar Dekho. Enjoy the song here 

Sha: Law and Order- Special Victims Unit is my favorite. My flatmate, Adithie Introduced me to this series and as soon as I saw it I got so addicted. Guys give it a try. Do watch it.!
And about song, Sau aasmaano mein from Baar Baar Dekho . Enjoy the song here


Shi: Recently I had this 100% Jack Daniel Mousse and it was so yum yum 😀

Sha: I visted this restaurant “Amaira” in Nagpur and the food was so yummy and being a non veg lover i still loved veg food so its great and the best thing about this olace was the pan shots.! Yes “Pan Shots”. Yum they are.! If in Nagpur, Must visit.! Must Try.! 😀

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Well, that is all for today.! Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comment box below.! We would love to incorporate that.!❤

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We will be back with another amazing post very soon.!

Until Next Time.. Stay Fabulous!!



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