10 Times Bollywood gave us Friendship Goals.!! <3

Hello Guys.!
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Well, Today is Friendship Day and we are so excited. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY :)
If you haven’t got anything for your bestie, just rush to the nearby shops and get something
And even if you haven’t , you have DHER SAARA PYAAR for them,right?! Lyk Shikshya has for Shahnaz :* but Shikshya, of course has to be pampered with lots of gifts
from Shahnaz.. πŸ˜›
Friendship is something which is indescribable; its something where you can bring the REAL you and you dont get judged(but you judge other people together..haha),
Where you can be weird,goofy, lame, crazyy, beat the shit outta each other,cry like there are no tears left, do stupid things,give gaalis and then there is a boomerang of more gaalis, where you Β have never ending topics to talk about and still not get bored with each other…they are the family you choose!!!
Bollywood has given us major #BFFgoals. It has evolved and how!! We dont get to see the usual boy meets girl and they fall in love, villian intrudes and then,there’s action,
villian dies and the HERO wins. Now, we get to see the real chemistry, real action and real friendships and coming to friendship we get to see that kinda Dostana where you can be selfish, where you dont have to take a bullet for a friend just like that, where you can just tell him/her that he/she is being PITA(I mean Pain in the Ass)..where two fucking crazy people have a weird compatibility Β and act like WEIRDOS..
This friendship day our mantra is get your pajamas on,have a slumber party, chips, popcorn and MOVIE MARATHON with your GANG..Dont worry, we can help you out with the movies to watch:
1.Kuch Kuch Hota hai
‘Pyar Dosti hai’..Enuf said!! The movie that showed us best friends can make the best partners in our lives.

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2.Dil Chahta hai
We just thank Farhan Akhtar for bringing the urban movie genre into Bollywood. It was fresh, relatable and yes, we are very sure that in every friend circle, there is an
Akash(Kameena), Sameer(Bechara pyar ka maara) or Sidharth(The Sensible one)..dont you think?

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This was something very interesting I must say..two straight men pretend to be gay,go after the same woman and at last,help her get her man by going out of the way and we mean literally out of the way..quite brave,we say!!!
4.Rock ON!
Friendship, struggle, misunderstandings, rekindling old friendship…this movie struck a CHORD with all of us!!

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This movie showed us friendship beyond words and language. When Rani was dumped by her fiance, she goes to her honeymoon alone and she finds a friend in Vijayalakshmi who doesn’t understand her language but listens to her patiently while she cried her heart out and makes her feel confident about herself.
5. Cocktail
If you think GIRLFRIENDS dont exist, then you are WRONG and if you think girlfriends loving the same man dont exist, then watch this movie. Meera finds a great friend in Veronica, they fall in love with the same man. Inspite of that, Veronica tries to reunite both her friends (Power to u gal!!!).

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6.Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
This iconic movie had it all.Β  Bunny, Aditi, Avi and Naina, all of them gave us major friendship goals. Happiness is when you have your loved ones around..and what a better way to show it. Our favourite was “Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chhootega hi, isliye yehi, iss pal ka maza lete hai.”(So true!!)

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7.Kal ho na ho
This movie made us laugh and cry like no other movie did. Its not simply a love triangle. Its about true friendship and how far you can go to see your friends happy.

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8.Zindagi na milegi dobara
Akhtar siblings are the best when it comes to showing us the relationship with our friends in celluloid. We just cant get enough of this movie and each time we watch it..its like lets pack our bags and go somewhere..doesnt matter where, if we are with our friends.
9. Jaane tu ya na jaane na
We just loved Aditi and Jai and their cluelessness about their love for each other. We cant really forget the scene where there was a shok shabha for Radha, the cat and how Jai made Aditi smile..adorable,na?
What we also loved is the relationship between Aditi and Shaleen..you cant miss this cute movie.
10.Andaz Apna Apna
This unconventional cult movie makes it to our top ten list. Amar Prem jodi..oh god..it was a laugh riot!!We couldn’t help laughing when these do mastane went through troubles together and all those dialogues…haha…”Crime master gogo naam hai mera, Aankhein nikaal ke gotiyan khelunga main gotiyan”(STILL LAUGHING!!!!)

So What did you think about our top 10 movies??! What is your favourite movie among these or are there any other movies you really love???

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7 thoughts on “10 Times Bollywood gave us Friendship Goals.!! <3

  1. Shibanee says:

    For me the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series was enuf 2 give friendship goals… However, reading this blog reminded of all my frnds… Happy Friendship day 2 u too ShiSha… 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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