Girls!! Guns!! and Global Domination.!!

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Well this post is about the much hyped and awaited ” XXX- The Return of the xander cage”. All we see is Vin Diesel. And we are not complaining, as he was the star of the show. The one and a half minute trailer shows the powerful stunts and superb action sequences.

While many are disappointed with the blink and miss appearance of Deepika in the trailer, all we would say is what we saw is that all the three actresses were given the same screen space as Deepika Padukone. When many started complaining and comparing the appearance of Deepika in the movie to appearance of Sonam Kapoor in Coldplay, some made trolls on her, but we really loved her appearance.  Yes, we definitely wanted to see more of Deepika in a meaty role after she shared a lot of pictures in her social media.



The movie also stars Ruby Rose, Nina Dobrev, Donnie Yen and Rory McCan. It is set to hit the theatres on 20 Jan 2017.!


The one thing we liked the most about the trailer was when Vin Diesel announces his return saying,“If you wanted me back, you could have just asked me!”  Though we can sau one thing, Deepika looks really really HOT and badass clad in all black. Anyways, Deepika assures all her fans to be patient and watch out for her in the movies as there is time for the movie to hit the screens.



Well, we love you Deepika nd we are waiting. Fingers crossed.!!!

You can watch the trailer here:

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