Ladies Room- Drama Drama and More Drama.!!! :D

Khanna- Teri Maa Ki.!!

Dingo- Nice Weed yaar.!!

I hope you are getting what we are discussing about.! NO???? Well, we are talking about YRF’s new web series- Ladies room.! 😀

Well, Hello Guys!!

We are back with another post and this is about the web series- Ladies room.!


This raunchy and crazy web series has six episodes and its about two best friends Dingo and Khanna in their mid 20s, young, smart, OTT dramatic and are screwed and you know what is the best part?? You get to know what happens in women’s washroom(every man’s fantasy) 😉 😀

This series features Saba Azad as Dingo and Shreya Dhanwanthary as Khanna.!

While Khanney *That is what Dingo calls her*  is completely lost because of her confused relationship and her job *we all are.!* where we do all the work and someone else is just waiting to take all the credit(aaarggghhh…just hate it!!!) And then there is Dingo.. Who is basically Screwed!!! and she does not give a damn about it! She is jobless, homeless, no boyfriend, stoned. 


We loved Saba in Mujhse Fraandship Karoge *Watch it now if you have not.! We swear you won’t regret it* and Shreya we would say was a big surprise. Both the girls together are house on fire.

YRF with Man’s world and Bang Baaja Baraat brought us something unique and fun to watch.! but Ladies room is totally relatable.

This is actually how we girls talk, Yes people, we take time to get ready, we do bitch about people whom we dont like.. oh wait.. we hate.! we gossip about girls, boys, pizza, pani puri or any effing thing, we cry on silly topics and a lot more. We are like One-Unit and if Shikshya hates someone Shahnaz has to hate that person and the other way round *sisterhood


We swear we do all these but we care about each other as well *remember when Dingo had a book on how to support your pregnant best friend or remember when khanna gave Dingo a home to stay even though she knew her sis did not like her*


Well girls, we all have that one friend who is like sister from another mother, who our mom’s love more than they love us. Who are our secret keepers, our lifelines and all time crazy buddy.! They are our support systems and say we are awesome even when they know we suck.! 😛

Well we really liked the show…it was real, slightly ‘feminist’ic but fun.

If you have not watch it, you must! right away.! and if you have seen it, do not miss the season finale- on 5th of July. 

Among us, Shahnaz is Dingo*useless* and Shikshya is Khanna*panic button alert* .!So girls comment down below who is your Dingo or your Khanna.!

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We will be back with another amazing post very soon.!

Until Next Time.. Stay Fabulous!!


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