Embellishment Box Unboxing and Review- Summer Sundown Edition!!


Hello Beautiful Friends.!!!

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This never ending summer is killing me.! 😦 >_<

So, from the title of the blog, you already know what it is about. So I will just get straight to the point.!

Well, who does not love surprises?? *only weirdos wont.! * 😛 I abso-effing-lutely love love love them.! And subscription boxes are like the best things right now.! Yes, they are like a surprise from you to you.! *silly me *

Today i will be unboxing and reviewing a jewellery subscription box- EMBELLISHMENT BOX.!! *yay *

For all those who don’t know what Embellisment box is, here you go:

Embellishment box is a monthly jewelery subscription box containing a mix of beautiful and trendy fashion jewellery. Each Month depending on the theme, each box will contain an assortment of 4 different fashion jewellery pieces.They also have mini-embellisment box for young girls.

For details you can visit the site: http://www.embellishmentbox.com/

I had seen a lot of reviews from different bloggers and finally i decided to give it a try. I took a one month Subscription in May. Since they start shipping on 27th of every month, I received my Box on 6th June. *yes I am sorry for a late review guys!*

So it came in a beautiful pink box.! The packaging was quite sturdy and the box was lovely.! I can be re-used to stack jewellery or other stuffs. *I love gift boxes *


Can’t wait.!!! Let’s see what’s inside.!


And there is this thank you note.

This was the Summer sundown edition, jewelry that takes you from day to night.


Usually all the boxes have different accessories from the same theme. Everyone gets something different. Well, this is what I got in my box.!

  1. The Cuff-Bracelet-I mostly prefer gold over silver and this cuff was the first item i saw and i loved it.

    13474050_1130681430340880_713601626_nUsually I do not buy a lot of bracelets but this is something I will definitely wear. It can go so well with any western or Indian outfit and that is what I liked the most.

  2. Tassel Earring: This no doubt is my favorite item from the box.! It’s so classy and I am a big fan of tassel earring.

    13479938_1130681680340855_1169700032_nSo, this is going to be my “one of the favorites” now for a long time. I am an earring lover and I buy like so many of them and this particular piece is “Love”.

  3. The Ring: This is one of the cutest ring I own and I love how simple and elegant it is.

    13487531_1130681263674230_573023344_n13480393_1130681137007576_127026667_nThe stone and gold and the design are all so so so lovely. *cant stop drooling over this one*

  4. The Neckpiece: I am not a person who wears red and i have just one red statement neckpiece in my collection.

    13474116_1130398167035873_2002672820_n But these are so funky and would just glam up and simple basic outfit. May be a plain black/white basic tee and jeans and this neckpiece will take a basic look to a whole new level. *expect an OOTD soon *

So this is how the overall box looked like:


So overall I would say, I loved the box and I can’t wait to style them and I have already ordered the June edition- Greek Goddess. It’s an all gold theme and it is all about statement earrings and both being my favorite, I could not resist them! *waiting for the June Box *

You guys should also order them and I assure you, you would love it *any accessory lover will do * because it is so classy and trendy! So what are you waiting for?? GO!! ORDER NOW before it is sold out!!! 😀 😉

Embellishment box is priced 1200 INR and they take 50 INR for COD.

And yes do not forget to follow them and like them on:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/embellishmentbox/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/embellishmentbox/?fref=ts

The Sunshine Tiara Rating: 4.5/5

So, do let us know how you guys liked this post? Which was your favourite item? And yes! also share what you received in your Embellishment Box.*let us know in comments below*

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Keep The love Coming.!



P.S. We will be posting on Sunday-Wednesday-Friday from now on.!Stay Tuned.! 😉 😀

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