#UdtaPunjab-The Most Controversial Movie of the Year.!!

Disclaimer: The following article is entirely our view and our perception regarding the controversy. We don’t intend to hurt anybody’s sentiments and if we do its purely coincidental.

‘UDTA PUNJAB’. With the stellar cast of Shahid Kapoor playing a Punjabi rockstar high on drugs, Alia Bhatt as a migrant from Bihar, Kareena Kapoor as a doctor and Diljit Dosanjh as a tough cop, the movie is about the rampant drug menace in Punjab. *just to let you know*

When we first heard about the movie, we were like “screw the movie, man!! Kareena and Shahid coming back together…WOW!! Excited” (We know most of you were thinking the same). Hardly anyone cared about the movie and the title.

As the trailer released, the focus actually went on to the heavy substance abuse, swear words and PUNJAB getting high. Well it was something new and quirky. We were quite impressed with Alia and Shahid. The hype generated before the trailer release actually lived up to the expectations and we must say we were quite intrigued. For the first time, we did not get to see the clichéd sarson ka khet, turban-clad men,people guzzling lassi and saying chak de phatte,et cetera. It was raw and bold and when something this edgy and new comes up on the celluloid, the Central Board of Film Certification(CBFC) trying to censor the NEW from the NEW SOMETHING comes as a no shocker and then what we are left with is just, you know, SOMETHING.

It is highly ridiculous that a film which is set in Punjab cannot be named so. Instead it should be shown shot in some fictional land is just plain absurd. Like seriously??! What are they thinking?? Once upon a time in la la land…like this? Is it a rom-com or just some fancy chick flick. It’s a deep dark movie unfolding the drug related disasters in Punjab killing thousands of people. Is the movie facing such controversies due to the upcoming elections? Why is the ruling Akali Dal-BJP government trying to withhold the stark reality of today’s Punjab? Hypocrisy reigns in our country where films shown in its undiluted format and with blatant realities will have to go through whopping 89 cuts in the film. We just don’t get what difference it will make if its called Udta. Now everyone is quite aware about the title, where its shot. It’s just so illogical. The creative product will be left with what merely 25 minutes maximum. We criticize Bollywood for making movies that is not of our time and when it tries to do that, we turn our backs on it.

Today’s generation have started embracing heartening changes. They are mature enough to decide for themselves. They are not judgemental and are quite open about everything. With the words like “Drugs di Maa di” in the poster, we know that the movie is full of expletives, yes but it’s the demand of the script and swearing is common nowadays. It is not made with the intention to demean the state and the people. If newspapers and TV channels can talk about the rampant drug problem then why this constraint in movies. We personally feel if it’s about influencing the mindset of modern youth, then what about objectification of women in movies like Mastizaade. If these movies are given a clean chit then why not Udta Punjab just because of the social stigma associated with it. Its high time audiences should be treated as adults and CBFC should stop interfering with artistic freedom. Pahlaj Nihalani, are you listening??


Well now that the verdict by High Court is out, we are pretty sure that the CBFC have understood that their work is to CERTIFY movies, not CENSOR them.

Can not wait for 17th June.!! *does happy dance*

Things we love about the movie: Trailer never seen before, Music is trippy, edgy and the raw feel attached… Amit Trivedi we love you.

P.S.-Our favourite Ikk Kudi

What is your opinions on this controversy? Do let us know in the comment section below. Also don’t forget to tell us who is your favourite in the movie.!?

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~ShaShi :*

4 thoughts on “#UdtaPunjab-The Most Controversial Movie of the Year.!!

  1. DeepK says:

    Loved it!! And rightly said…if movies like Mastizade can’t influence our mindset to become a male-centric, female-bashing individual, clips on injecting drugs cant turn us into addicts. #pahlaz if u aint got an appetite for ur rights…try reading this article , m sure u will develope some.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Saswata Dash says:

    Yougaiz! Never do you fail to amaze me ya! And yes! This was a refreshing change you know giving it a shot to something which is non-fashion kind (* I know how much you ladies love talking about fashion*)
    Keep writing ! Much love and more power to you both :* :*
    On a serious note! Yes, I totally swear by your views and Pahlaj Nihlani is being absolutely ridiculous with such shitty reasons to chop off a stupdi 89 cuts! Disgrace to one of the best attempts in Indian Cinema!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thesunshinetiara says:

      Thanks a Lot Saswata for all the kind words.! This keeps us motivated and going.! ❤
      We will definitely be writing articles which are not related to fashion. and if you want us to post on something particular you can definitely give suggestions as well. 🙂
      Keep the love coming.!
      ~ShaShi ❤


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