Fashion Diaries: Summer Outfits- Make It Simple but Significant!

Hello Gorgeous friends!!

How are you all?? How is Summer treating you? Well, we must say this Summer, temperature is too high as compared to previous years.!  We should start planting more trees.!! *Global warming is scary*

Well, since we are the positive kind of people, instead of being dull and grumbling of summer and heat, we decided to share with you two summer looks that Shikshya sported this weekend.

So, let’s get started.!  😀


Well, since Shikshya is flat hunting these days and must tell you it’s a troublesome task finding new flat in Kolkata, she decided to keep it simple and fuss free with this white casual tee and a denim skirt. As the climate is very humid, she decided to tie her hair up in a pony *that feeling when your hair is off your face-Such a relief.!*. 😛 She chose to ditch heels and kept it simple with these denim slip-on sneakers. 😀



Outfit details:

Tees – Being Human

Skirt – Veromoda


Saturday was so so hectic with all that flat hunting, negotiating rents, strict landlords and blah blah blah.! *Why do we have to grow up and become responsible :’(* Well, Sunday was not that bad.! She with her couple of friends decided to out on brunch. Well, all girls love to hang out and gossip, don’t they? 😉 This time she decided to wear her pretty blue rompers with blue bellies. She accessorized the look with a watch and a pretty polka-dotted hairband *Blair Waldorf fan*. Pretty Pink lips completed the look. ! ❤

Outfit details:

Rompers- Myntra

Watch- Titan Raga

As Don Draper said, Make it Simple but Significant. So this summer, Simplicity is the mantra.! 😀

Please do comment and let us know which look would you go for or did you like.! Please share your views and suggestions as well.

Picture Courtesy-Sukanya Das. Thanks a lot Honey.! ❤

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P.S-Our Next blog is about a very popular actress and fashion statements made by her. Keep on guessing.(Hint-Its her birthday today.!)


~ShaShi 🙂 😀

7 thoughts on “Fashion Diaries: Summer Outfits- Make It Simple but Significant!

  1. Shashi says:

    I really appreciate your work❤ I love the Being Human tee😍 will be looking forward for the next post and Farheen’s appearance on the blog.❤

    Liked by 1 person

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