The Mandatory Introduction Post! :D

Hello Gorgeous Friends!!!

Welcome to our new world.! We are really very excited and happy as we are finally posting our first blog article.

Duh.! Who are these girls??!!


We are Shikshya and Shahnaz. Okay.! Before you all start guessing.. Are we writers? ummm “No”. Are we designers? “No No”. Are we Stylists?! “Sadly No”(Well we want to be 😦 ) But, we are aam aadmi, oops.! aam ladkiyaan to be precise or well what do they generally call them? “The mango Girls”.! LOL πŸ˜€

Jokes apart, we are best friends for life, more than sisters. Weird, pampered, vivacious shopaholics describes us.!

Why this blog?!

We always wanted to do something together, something very close to our hearts, something that we share.. that is ours.! Hence blogging happened.! *Screams yay*

What will be blog about?

We are similar, yet different people with different opinions.. We always adored fashion and spend hours discussing about what to buy,whats in trend, and have varied opinion on a lot a things.! One day when we were having a casual chat, we decided, why not start blogging on fashion? But hold on.. we will not be talking only on fashion/clothes but a lot other things like hairstyles,lifestyles,movie, book and restaurants/food reviews, latest news about entertainment and fashion, makeup, recreating different styles and whats in trend.

Something more about the blog..

We are not here to guide you, we are not the experts. Whereas we are here to be your friends and share our experiences and explore something new and something different. May be you can learn something from our experience and you can share your experiences, so that we can learn something new.! πŸ™‚

Why the name-“The Sunshine Tiara”??

Well sunshine refers to new rays, new hopes, new beginnings and as they say, withΒ  a Tiara and a litte confidence we could change our world.! and what can be better than beautiful tiara made up of sunshine crowned over your head making you shine, making you more confident and revealing who you really are.!So friends, rise, be confident and be your own sunshine.!

So, this is all about us.. wait for our next post.! πŸ™‚

Until then stay gorgeous.!



P.S- ShaShi ‘coz thats a name that has both our names in it(SHAhnaz and SHIkshya).!! #FilmyRight?! πŸ˜› You are always welcome to share any suggestions, your experiences or any queries. Please mail us on


11 thoughts on “The Mandatory Introduction Post! :D

  1. Shashi (Sash) says:

    That’s a lovely name for the blog..😍
    And I like the combined name SHASHIπŸ™Š heheβ€πŸ‘Œ looking forward to your post😘 All the best girls❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • thesunshinetiara says:

      Thanks Shashi! Well I must tell you I love all your pics and honestly a big fan of yours! You definitely came to my mind when the name was decided! Your comment made my day!
      Keep the love coming!


  2. Shivi says:

    This is a beautiful move by both f u… Being the representatives f “The Mango girls”, m sure u’ll do justice. I can relate 2 the XoXo thing though… πŸ˜‰ Lastly, m all set 2 support u in ur endeavours…😎 Bring it on girls…πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  3. T says:

    Ok now…dats a great start..well written n definitely interesting..waiting for ur next post.

    Well the reason i am waiting for the next post is that i personally know u girls quite well..from college.. err to predictive πŸ˜‹ by the way i wud just like u to guess who m i…
    Hint: i was kind of a good dancer n was mr ece 😜
    Keep the love coming (n the guessing too😁)


  4. Saswata says:

    Hello Ladies πŸ™‚
    This is a real nice move ya! I am glad yougais did it together.. I expected it sometime though **Best friends up to something** and, yes of course Farheen your insta posts do make this much more believable *I swear*
    I wish I can contribute to this too! *Content wise* πŸ˜€
    Much love! ❀ :*
    Keep posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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